“Gloria was my midwife throughout my pregnancy and birth of my first child. I chose Gloria because she was very open minded and really allowed us to have our birth the way we envisioned it. I really enjoyed not ever having to leave my home for prenatal visits because she always came to my home. She provided me with books on breastfeeding which were very helpful. I also found an amazing child birth class on her website that helped me prepare for the big day! During our birth, everything was nice and smooth. I was blessed to be able to have an easy pregnancy as well as a quick and easy birth. With this being my first child and not knowing what to expect, I felt very secure to have a supportive team around me. I made a great friend in Gloria and I would definitely recommend her to anyone searching for a caring & knowledgeable midwife!”


“Gloria is absolutely the most amazing, kind, intuitive, well educated, thoughtful and down to earth person you'll ever meet! If I could go back and have my 1st 3 kiddos at home under the care of Gloria I would in a heart beat ❤ Being our 4th kiddo I wanted a more natural experience something I didn't experience or even think to want to experience with the others. I hadn't been educated or around women who had natural homebirths so having a baby in the hospital was the norm. But with life comes new ideas or actually old ways lol and wanting something more empowering and invigorating. This is when we started searching for the perfect midwife and I ran across Gloria's web page and instantly fell in love with her or should I say her hair lol!! In her pics she had the most awesome dreads ever but I also loved her and her approach, I knew out the gate she was the one! We set up an appt to meet and the rest is history, we got what we wanted; a beautiful experience in the comfort of our home! The added bonus is we had the most wonderful midwife ever to ensure it was going to be a beautiful experience ❤ Gloria made sure I/we were well taken care of from appts to prenatal vitamins to the birthing kit to clean up to postpartum care she was on top of it all the way. She was more like an old friend being by my side so much love, care and dedication. When we get pregnant again we'll be calling Gloria and you should too!”


"Gloria and Bearth helped me achieve my healthiest pregnancy yet and the birth that my husband and I prepared and hoped for! We had a great hospital birth for babe #1 but chose Gloria and a home birth for babe #2 for a number of reasons. First, she's intelligent, approachable and genuinely supports you and partner in the birth that you desire, without judgement or steering. During every prenatal appointment in our home I felt 100% comfortable asking about anything I was concerned or curious about -- whether it be a supplement, an ache/pain, or changes in life-stressors. Nothing was "off the table" to discuss with Gloria. She also made herself available by phone or text outside of appointments which made me feel safe and confident that I was supported and cared for. Second, all the major milestone tests, evaluations and protocols for pre and post birth were completed but with the utmost ease and comfort -- most in your own home with the results communicated directly by Gloria. I remember how special it was to meet her with my husband and daughter and be together for our 20 week ultrasound! Finally, our birth began with strong active labor and Gloria met us at home quickly where there wasn't even enough time to fill the tub before our second daughter arrived. Gloria and her midwife partner prepared everything in our birth space, and through it all Gloria was with me - applying back pressure where I needed it, alongside my husband, and telling me "you're doing so good!" She never left me - I was the most important person in the room to her and she supported me in every way. She knew what I needed and though I was too far in "labor land" to communicate it! During the postpartum period her support continued with frequent visits and communication.

Choosing Gloria and Bearth was truly holistic - it was more than we could have imagined. Reflecting on our birth now, months out, Gloria was just what I needed for my soul and just what our family needed to bring our sweet girl earth-side!"


“Gloria is an amazing midwife. She immediately felt like a friend. She is knowledgeable and always thorough to explain things from all perspectives. She gives sweet personalized care and is excellent at what she does.”


"I am so blessed to have Bearth and Gloria guide me through a deep and healing birth. My third baby, midwifed by Gloria, was born in my living room, on my couch, next to my bedroom. The lighting was my choice, I played gentle pandora channel from Iron and Wine, and my birth tub was full of warm water.

I birthed right as the sun rose over the rocky mountains. Everything Gloria brought to the birth made me feel the magic and connection a mother can experience when this ancient knowledge of birth is in the room with you (GLORIA). I think gloria, gloria, I have Gloria at my birth!

Besides the birth, she visited me in my messy toddler ridden home for my "doctor" check ups. She came to my home after birth so I could rest. She treated my womanly infections prior and post birth. Overall, I would be lucky to have her at any birth from here on out.

She listens, responds, and takes time to care for you AND your family (father included). You will LOVE the strength you have in your birth with Bearth as part of it."


"In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined having the professional support, wisdom and guidance that Gloria provided. Her calmness was steady and ever-present; whether I had a gazillion questions during my prenatal visits or going through transition, she kept me focused and assured. My family trusted her through and through and I will never regret our decision to have her as part of our care. We knew she had mine and my son's best interest at heart so when birth day came it felt like we had family by our side. I love Gloria and highly recommend her as a doula or a midwife!"


"Gloria helped me deliver my 1st born at home. As a first time mom I was a little nervous to deliver naturally as well as at home. But she answered every question and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. My labor lasted 28 hours which was not expected but the entire time Gloria made sure I was constantly okay as well as my baby. Throughout it all she remained calm and reminded me quite often how strong I am and that I could do this even when I thought I couldn't. Her encouragement, and kindness really makes all the difference and is what helped me get through those long hours. Her assistant Christine was just as awesome and they made a great team. If you decide to go with Gloria as your midwife you will be in great hands."


"When I found out that I was pregnant I went searching for a doula. Came across Gloria with Bearth. We met and there was this instant connection. She was easy to talk to and we believed in a lot of the same things when it came to pregnancy and birth. I had asked her several questions about pregnancy and birth and her being a midwife. She is very knowledgeable. At that point I knew that I wanted her to be my midwife instead of my doula.

This was my first baby. I had never thought about having a baby at home. Gloria gave me the information about all options of where to give birth. If it wasn't for her believing in me, I would have had my baby at the hospital. But with all the information she gave, we had decided that the best option for us would be to give birth at home.

Gloria was always available and helpful when I had any questions. She was very respectful if there was something that I didn't want to do. When it came time to have the baby she guided me through this wonderful birthing experience. She was kind, patient, and helped guide me through every step.

I'm forever grateful to have had Gloria as my midwife. I couldnt have asked for a better experience!"


"Gloria is a deeply caring, professional, knowledgeable midwife. Her experience is obvious but her compassion is what truly sets her apart. She so makes you feel like you're not alone at a time when so many changes are occurring and isolation is possible. She's a truly gifted guide during one of the most important times in a woman's life."


"Gloria is amazing! She helped me deliver our 4th baby, but 1st ever home birth. Little did we know, this baby was born a 10 pounder! She was so great with my other kids with every home visit and they just love her. She has a calming vibe to her that really helps you be so comfortable. She is so knowledgeable, trusting, reliable, flexible and professional. We were so sad to have her leave us after our 6 week pp appointment."


"Gloria has an incredible gift in working with mothers and babies. She is calm, compassionate, knowledgeable, and so full of love. I felt an instant connection to her, and am so grateful she was my midwife. The birth of my last baby was an incredible experience. There were lots of laughing, crying, bad words, and eventually, a beautiful baby. I HIGHLY recommend her. Gloria is seriously the best!! You won't regret hiring her!"


“Gloria & Bearth is the reason that I was able to have the final birth experience of my dreams. This time last year I was pregnant with my third daughter with an established birthing plan that involved birthing at Davis Hospital, a midwife who was more clinical than expected and a lot of fears. I continually felt uncertain about this birthing plan.

At the end of my second trimester I switched to being under the care of Gloria, having worked with her before [as a doula] which was another wildly positive experience. Under the care of Gloria I had midwife appointments that adequately addressed my questions and concerns. We were able to thoughtfully work through everything that I needed. I am forever grateful that Gloria was able to take me on and under her caring wing. In early March last year Gloria and her team helped me bring our daughter into the world, from our home.

I am so in favor of parents having a birthing plan that resonates with them. I cannot highly recommend Gloria and Bearth enough.”


"Gloria is a loving, intelligent Midwife and her community is lucky to have such an invaluable resource!"

-Gabi (midwife)

"Gloria is an observant, intuitive midwife. All of my prenatal appointments were at home, providing me with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to discuss any questions or concerns. Knowing I have a history of quick labors, Gloria immediately came in the middle of the night in time to help me labor through the last few minutes and deliver in my own bathtub. Her advice and care prevented postpartum bleeding which had been a problem in previous deliveries. My baby was born with an undiagnosed cleft lip and palate (missed at the ultrasound which isn't uncommon) and was unable to eat so we transferred to the hospital. Gloria came with us and provided the neonatologist with my prenatal care and delivery information. Thanks to her amazing work, only the baby was admitted to the hospital and released after problems with the cleft were addressed. The neonatologist was complimentary of the care Gloria provided both me and the baby. During the next few weeks, Gloria was invaluable in helping me through the postpartum time including my baby's surgery. I have seven children and my experience with Gloria was my favorite."


“Gloria was my midwife for my 5th home birth. I had a lot of anxiety and she was able to help me work through my emotions and also help me with herbs and tinctures. That was a huge benefit to me and helped me to have a peaceful, magical birth.”


“Gloria is a phenomenal midwife & human being. She’s down to earth, warm & so knowledgeable. I attended a birth with Gloria at the end of last year as the birth photographer and it was quite remarkable watching her support this family through their homebirth experience.”

-Lindsey (birth photographer)