About the Bearth Scholarship

"Every family needs a midwife, and some also need a doctor" -Jane Sandall

Bearth is committed to the idea that every family deserves a midwife. However, for some, giving birth at home is out of the realm of possibility. More often than not this is because of financial reasons, whether because of insurance reasons or otherwise. This dilemma has forced us to be creative, and we stewed over several ideas of how to overcome this barrier. And then the idea was born to offer a scholarship. Here is how we set it up: Bearth donates $100 to the scholarship on behalf of every client. We want all of our clients to know that they play an integral part in their community and in the furtherance of the respectful and ethical treatment of families. Clients and others have the opportunity to give beyond our donation. This collection of donations is then accumulated in a private account until it is withdrawn for the selected family. Anyone can apply to receive the scholarship! Applications are read by a few trusted midwives, and we mutually decide on who to give the scholarship to. And that's it! It's simple really:

You deserve a midwife!