Bearth was established in 2014 by Gloria Moore, a Certified Professioal Midwife (CPM) and licensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDEM). The company is based in Holladay, Utah and serves families living in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, and Summit County.


You are Stronger than You Know

Bearth is so much more than a midwifery service; it's about building people up. Our hope is that through the empowering process that giving birth can be, you and your family will be made stronger and healthier because of it. The ability to carry life and give birth is, not only fundamentally HUMAN, it is an incredibly profound time in a person's life. This process heightens all five senses and imprints a lasting memory on your mind. 

We want you to remember the power you hold in every cell of your body

We provide a safe, supportive birthing space and want you to feel respected, in control, and to be able to look back on that moment in your life and remember that you can do it, you are enough, and you are stronger than you know.